Friday, October 19, 2012

Wish I'd Known: Remember What's Important

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Todays tip is from Nikki:

Remember what's important

Is it memories and laughter and fun adventures or a spotless house?  I'm learning you can't have both - at least not at this stage of life. :)

Nikki, thanks for this reminder.  It really is so easy to get caught up in all the stuff you need to get done and miss out on those simple moments with your children.  Lately I've been really busy with photography and have been editing a lot.  Recently in the morning after I get my daughter her cereal, she's been asking for me to sit by her at the table rather than getting on the computer.  It made me realize just how much she wants to be with me.  Kids really do just want the love and attention of their parents.  They don't have to have huge elaborate activities, but simply some one on one time.  My dirty house can wait for a little bit while I enjoy my children :)

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