Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mommapproved: Diaper Genie

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Today's product is a do NOT buy.  Sure a Diaper Genie sounds like a good idea, but it just ends up being a big waste of money.
Diaper Genies don't actually store many diapers especially considering how many diapers your newborn will go through in a day.  Refills are about $5 each which really adds up.  While you may think it keeps the stink out, honestly as soon as you open it to put in a diaper, you are flooded with an overpowering stench that's 10 times worse than a normal garbage.  That's just my opinion, maybe some people love them, but the only reason ours is ever used is when my daughter plays the launch game.  I'll do a post on that game another time :)


Jacob & Clarissa said... #

We have a Diaper Champ which uses normal garbage bags and works great!

Lisa & Joel said... #

We have the Munchkin Diaper pail, and it's worth it to us! We have been at people's houses that stink like poop and baby all day long. Maybe this one its better than the Genie: