Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mommapproved: Gentle Naturals

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I am so excited to start doing "Mommapproved" posts.  These posts are designed to have things that moms think are a must buy or a waste of money.  If you have anything you just couldn't live without as a mom or you wish you hadn't bought, let me know!

Our first mommapproved product is from Dana: 

My son was born with really bad eczema and I had a hard time trying so many different things and wasting money to help his skid.  I know every kid is different, but I found a cream called Gentle Naturals that really helped him and helps keep the eczema somewhat under control.  It's really hard to deal with so I feel like mom's can be unprepared for that!  It seems to be very common from asking other people.

I also have other tips and tricks I've used for his eczema.  One of the best is Vaseline and LONG socks to cover him up.

Thanks Dana!  I'm so glad you sent this in.  I know several people who have babies suffering from eczema and with Winter heading our way it's just going to get worse.

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