Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wish I'd Known: Newborn Nights

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Today's tip is from Annie:

Don't rush in at night and "rescue" your newborn the second they make a noise.

I totally agree Annie.  This simple tip can make your life so much easier!  The first instinct for a new mother is when they hear the slightest sound from their beautiful baby, they think he/she needs instant attention.  However, often times your baby will wake up and move around a bit and then put themselves back to sleep, but if you don't give them the opportunity to go back to sleep on their own, they will become dependent on you for this.

Of course newborns will cry and need some help at times, but not EVERY time.  When you hear your baby whimpering or rustling around, give them a couple of minutes to see if they go back to sleep before jumping in to "save the day" :)  Trust me, it will help you get a little more much needed sleep.


Tyler and Annie said... #

So wish i'd known this. So many things i'll do better with my next kids!

Whitney said... #

Such great advise! I heard my baby girl at 6:30 this morning! But I didn't have to get her for another hour because she went back to sleep! I my other kids definitely won't be so spoiled as my first! But it's Ok I'm still learning!