Thursday, September 6, 2012

Paper Plate Fish

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Yesterday my daughter and I made little fish out of some super cheap paper plates.  They were a great craft for her to do since you just have to paint the plate one color - pretty simple.  Sure you can get fancy, but you don't have to.

- Paper plates
- Paint, markers or crayons
- Paint brushes
- Scissors
- Glue stick

To make them, you simply paint the plates with your paint.  Beware, painting with a toddler can be dangerous....on a completely unrelated note.....anyone know how to get acrylic paint out of carpet?  Next time I think we'll be using crayons, or markers.  For a couple of the fish, I painted an extra plate for some fins - shown below.
 However, if you just want to do one plate, you can make this little fish.  All you have to do is cut a triangle out for the mouth and use that piece for the tail.

If you wanted to make them even more cute, you could add on some googly eyes. 

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