Sunday, September 16, 2012

Turkey Wrap With a Kick

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This is what I've been having for lunch lately.  I calculated it out and it's 410 calories, and you could make it less if you really wanted to, but I thought 410 was pretty good :)

                                                             - Jalepeno Cheddar Wrap
                                                             - 1 oz. Fat Free Cream Cheese
                                                             - 1 Tbs. Light Ranch Dressing
                                                             - 1 Slice Pepper Jack Cheese
                                                             - Turkey - sliced deli meat
                                                             - Spinach

Combine softened cream cheese and ranch dressing.  Spread over your wrap (this is where you could get rid of a few extra calories if you wanted, but I'm a sauce/dip lover and need something on there so the wrap isn't too dry. Take your one slice of pepper jack cheese and break the square in half.  Place the two halves down the middle of your wrap.  Now do a layer of turkey and top it off with your spinach.  Roll up your wrap and you're good to go!

Break down of the calories - for you healthy people :)
                                                             - Wrap: 210 Calories
                                                             - Cream Cheese: 30 Calories
                                                             - Ranch: 40 Calories
                                                             - Pepper Jack Cheese: 90 Calories
                                                             - Turkey: 30 Calories (for about an ounce of meat)
                                                             - Spinach: 10-15 Calories - depends on amount used

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